How to join the campaign

If you want a video tutorial, please visit here.

Enter the campaign page

  1. Enter with the campaign banner on the Moai Finance website

  2. Click on โ€œActivate $XRPโ€ button

Deposit your $XRP

Step 1 : Connect to XRPL wallet

  • Here you connect your XRPL wallet or create one

  • If you are creating one, you can move $XRP from CEXs to your wallet. Here you can find some detailed instructions for each CEXs

  • If you already have $XRPs in your Futurepass, you can skip!

Step 2 : Connect to The Root Network wallet

  • If you have Futurepass already, just connect it

  • If you do not have Futurepass, you may use your EVM wallets such as Metamask or Wallet Connect

Step 3 : Bridge your $XRP from XRPL to The Root Network

  • Select how much $XRPs you want to bridge

  • Click on the โ€œBridgeโ€ button to continue

  • Bridging usually takes 15 mins for security. After 15 minutes, you can come back to continue your pending work.

Step 4 : Add liquidity

  • Finally, you can provide $XRP to start collecting rewards

  • Gas fee in The Root Network is notably more expensive than XRPL. Please leave about 10 XRPs in the wallet before you proceed. Each add liquidity and withdraw will take about 3.4 XRP for the gas, while approving tokens will take about 0.8 XRP.

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