🏝️Cross-chain DEX Aggregator

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Moai Finance is proud to unveil our cross-chain DEX aggregator, a revolutionary tool designed to redefine the way assets are swapped across different blockchain networks. Drawing inspiration from the most advanced protocols in the industry, our aggregator simplifies the trading process, ensuring both efficiency and security for our users.

Easter Mode: an easy Multi-Chain Swaps

Seamless Trading Across Chains

We believe in breaking down the barriers between different blockchain ecosystems. Our aggregator allows users to perform atomic swaps between tokens on various chains with minimal disruption and without the need for an intermediary. Simply choose the desired tokens and let our protocol handle the complex cross-chain procedures automatically.

XRP as the Bridging Asset

At the heart of our aggregator is the use of XRP as a bridging asset. This ensures not only the cheapest costs for users but also maintains high liquidity levels, a unique advantage over other cross-chain DEX aggregators.

Comprehensive DEX Support

Easter mode in our aggregator scans through every supported DEX in the network, including Moai Swap, to find the most efficient trading route for your assets. This guarantees the best possible price and lowest slippage for your swaps.

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