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Moai Finance stands at the forefront of DeFi innovation as a cutting-edge multi-chain AMM (Automated Market Maker) DEX. Our platform is designed to facilitate asset trading with unparalleled efficiency, eliminating the delays inherent in traditional order-book exchanges.

Elevated Flexibility in Asset Pairing

Drawing inspiration from Balancer, Moai Finance revolutionizes the way asset pairs are created. Moving beyond the limitations of the standard 50/50 pools found in many Uniswap forks, our platform offers a dynamic environment for diverse and weighted liquidity pools. This approach marks a significant shift towards a more user-centric model of asset management, allowing for greater flexibility and opportunity in trading strategies.

Diverse Pool Types at Moai Finance

  • Weighted Pool

    • Weighted Pools are the superset of the traditional AMM pools. It uses a sophisticated Weighted Math approach, making it suitable for a wide range of assets. Moai Finance’s Weighted Pools include conventional 50/50 weightings, along with customized token distributions such as 80/20 or 60/20/20 weightings.

    • Advantages of Weighted Pool include

      • Exposure Control: Users can tailor their exposure levels to specific assets while still participating as liquidity providers. The weight of a token in a pool inversely affects its impermanent loss risk.

      • Strategy Alignment: Whether favoring WBTC or WETH, users can set pool weights that align with their market expectations. An evenly balanced pool suits assets expected to maintain proportional value over time.

      • Impermanent Loss Mitigation: Pools with a heavy weighting towards one token exhibit reduced impermanent loss. However, this comes with the trade-off of higher slippage due to uneven liquidity distribution. Our 80/20 pools offer a balanced approach between liquidity and impermanent loss mitigation.

  • Stable Pool

    • Designed for assets with consistent parity or known exchange rates, our Stable Pools allow substantial swaps with minimal price impact. This increases capital efficiency for like-kind and correlated-kind swaps.

    • Use case of Stable Pools includes

      • Pegged Tokens: Such as stablecoins (DAI, USDC, USDT) or synthetic assets(sBTC, WBTC).

      • Correlated Tokens: Assets with a near 1:1 exchange rate but subject to gradual rate changes(stROOT, ROOT).

Intelligent Swap Mechanisms: Single and Batch Swaps

At the core of Moai Swap, there are two distinct swap functionalities: single swaps and batch swaps.

  • Single Swap: Ideal for straightforward trades involving two tokens from a single pool, the single swap mechanism is optimized for both fee and gas efficiency. This streamlined process ensures quick and cost-effective transactions.

  • Batch Swap: For trades that span across multiple pools, the batch swap function comes into play. It intelligently diversifies the swap path, enhancing the potential for better trade outcomes. Given that all tokens in Moai Finance are securely housed within a single contract, the vault, our multi-hop swaps are remarkably cost-efficient compared to typical Uniswap forked projects.

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